This is the demo site for Daycounts products.

Some rules were defined for you to test the Bonus functionality


Logon to the website to view this component in action

Here is a link to a complex order with several products.

Instead of adding all of them again to your cart manually, hit the clone order button to add all the products automatically


Some rules were defined for you to test the Preorder functionality

  • The Chain saw has a rule to set a 30$ fixed deposit when the product is out of stock only
  • The Circular Saw has a rule to set a minimum 25% deposit with radio button option (no matter the stock)
  • The Drill has a rule to set a 20$ minimum deposit  with textbox option

Add these 3 products to your cart and you'll see how they react on the cart page.
Notice the deposit and balance lines in the totals

Start typing 'saw' in the search field above.. You'll see a list of products with that name

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