This plugin will help you display barcodes in your Joomla site.

custom code {barcode code=daycounts}  
code25 format   {barcode code=123456|codetype=S25}   
ean13 format   {barcode code=123456789|codetype=ean13}   
code128 format  {barcode code=ABC-abc-1234|codetype=c128}
codabar format  {barcode code=12345789|codetype=codabar}
larger barcode  {barcode code=123|w=4}
narrower and taller barcode in JPG {barcode code=123|w=1|h=60|rendering=JPG}
PNG image barcode  {barcode code=123|w=1|h=60|rendering=PNG}
SVG image barcode  {barcode code=123|w=1|h=60|rendering=SVG}
HTML barcode  {barcode code=123|w=1|h=60|rendering=HTML}
Display a US Zip code barcode in red  {barcode 90210|codetype=IMB|color=FF0033}
Display barcode from a specific Virtuemart product using plugin default values  {barcode productid=7} Error displaying the barcode

Simply add {barcode} and this will take the barcode from current Virutemart product if available in context (product detail page)